EDI Managed Services

Managing and maintaining B2B data integrations for business is complex, costly and time consuming. Retaining, developing and recruiting staff with the necessary EDI skills to manage this complexity is challenging. When problems occur, fixing connection and data translation issues takes time and a detailed understanding of various EDI standards is required. Failure to resolve these problems efficiently will delay business operations, reputation and could result in financial penalties.Proactive monitoring is also a very important factor to consider.

R S InfoCon provide services for end-to-end integration to ensure business data exchange runs smoothly. Working with business partners, we configure your system, perform the mapping, development, testing and ensure business continuity and risk-free outcomes. Our Managed Services will provide your business with a proven return on investment as we provide the required EDI expertise.

  • ERP EDI integration
  • EDI mapping and ERP integration
  • Monitor EDI transaction status from within ERP
  • ERP Workflow configured to notify users of errors and allow reprocessing
  • Automated status messages flow between EDI and ERP so EDI transaction status can be monitored from ERP
  • Proactive monitoring of EDI and ERP systems
  • Error resolution and reprocessing
  • Trading partner implementation
  • Transaction set implementation