Digitization and Cloud Solutions

Cloud and digitization capabilities are essential for today’s businesses. Some of our clients are in various stages of moving to cloud, enabling benefits that can include lower costs of ownership, greater scalability, increased reliability, and reduced risk. As moving to cloud becomes imperative, determining a path forward can prove challenging.

Today, many organizations worldwide are using cloud solutions to support every step of the e-commerce process, from marketing and merchandising to sales and service. Solutions like, SAP Commerce Cloud or Oracle CX enables them to manage multiple sales and communications channels on a single platform. These applications, hosted on the public cloud, provides true cloud capabilities, such as cloud-based build tools, database-as-a-service, scaling, and automated deployments.

RSI Designed, implemented and automated, Plan for every part (PFEP) lean and Kanban process to supply on time materials to the production process in order to fulfill customer orders. Disperse PFEP and Kanban systems drove the process to materials shortages for some items and overflows for other items. Materials shortage and Materials overflow caused lack of orders completions. Fulfillment rate was low due to the lack of Production/Work Order completions. The integration and automation of Kanban, RF Solution and PFEP systems brought the solution to automate the Supply Chain process, bringing down materials overflow.

We offer a range of Digitization services:

  • Digitization strategy and package selection
  • Platform recommendations that fit your current and future IT environment
  • Critical data integration services
  • Integrated best-of-breed third-party search, web and user analytics applications
  • Business continuity during system upgrades or migrations
  • Digitization platform application managed services