rSupplierPortal Benefits


Return On Investment - rSupplier Portal will help to lower operational cost and ultimately provide a lower total cost of ownership over other solutions. With the ability to implement rSupplierPortal quickly, the “time to market” will be greatly reduced.

Improved Communication with Suppliers - Suppliers able to review information critical to conducting business at any time and with minimal support from the customer since the only things required are an internet connection and a web browser. With information readily available, suppliers can provide a better service to you.

Configurable and Adaptable - rSupplierPortal has an inherent design which is flexible and easily configured to meet individual requirements. The user interface includes personalization features such as user defined data grid formats, data filters, and a one-click capability to export data to Excel.

ERP Independent - rSupplier portal is easily integrated with any packaged software ERP or “home-grown” custom ERP system. This independence helps to maintain consistency of functionality even if the ERP system is enhanced or upgraded.

Secure - rSupplierPortal’s Security Features are robust with complete administrative control and role based permissions for securing specific functionality.

Scalable - rSupplierPortal easily scales up from low transaction volume to high transaction volume with configuration changes or performance impacts. Adding additional modules is also easily done to expand the capabilities to suit your needs at the right time.