DigiTransport Features

DigiTransport common competitive features for all stakeholders include:

Bidding Process - DigiTransport provides the ability for shippers to create bids and post them to the network of trusted carriers through a transparent bidding process. The business rules engine will automatically select the optimal carrier, based on the business rules defined by the shipper. The shipper can also pick a carrier manually to transport goods.

Trace-and-Track deliveries - Tracing and tracking are critical components of any logistics process. DigiTransport provides the ability for all stakeholders to receive updates on the status of shipments. This feature will help the shipper and customer follow the driver’s route through location pings and driver check-ins.

Notifications - With real-time/push notifications on devices, users get shipment quotes, booking details, and status updates. Other notifications like driver pickup, in-transit issues, and shipment delivery allows stakeholders to be informed of the shipment activity. Notifications are configurable to meet the shipper, customer, carrier, and driver’s needs.

Multiple Digital Platforms - With web and mobile based platforms, DigiTransport brings new perspectives for business development and help all stakeholders through a higher quality user experience.

Trip management tools - Trip management tools provide drivers with the optimal route, allow drivers to generate dispatch/load alerts, and notify shipment status in real-time to allow the carrier to manage in-transit issues.

Loadboards - DigiTransport provides the ability for carriers with empty trucks, who are seeking to fill capacity on-the-go, to search by location or enable GPS tracking to find loads meeting their parameters.

Multi-lingual - DigiTransport supports multiple languages. Shippers, carriers, and drivers can select/setup their preferred language.

Paperless deliveries and Digital log-booking - Upload and view proof-of-delivery, bill of lading, and other documents electronically for easy access by various parties. Digital logging for owners/operators, drivers, and fleets help track hours-of-service and optimize daily reporting tasks.

Configurable and Adaptable - DigiTransport has an inherent design which is flexible and easily configured to meet individual requirements. The user interface includes personalization features such as user defined data grid formats, data filters, and a one-click capability to export data to Excel.

Secure - DigiTransport’s security features are robust with complete administrative control and role based permissions for securing specific functionality.

Scalable - DigiTransport easily scales up from low transaction volume to high transaction volume with configuration changes or performance impacts. Adding additional modules is also easily done to expand the capabilities to suit your needs at the right time.

Customer Communication - This module provides administrators the ability to add custom messages that can be displayed to respective users once they log into DigiTransport. Administrators can also set display and downtime messages.

Insights - DigiTransport takes advantage of data analysis to provide powerful insights for continuous self-improvement and support stakeholder in making better decisions.

Agreements - DigiTransport provides administrators the ability to load master or user specific agreements. It also supports functionality for shippers/carriers to review and approve/accept agreements via a digital platform. If required, DigiTransport can provide reminders just in case agreements are not approved in a timely manner.