DigiTransport Benefits

DigiTransport common business benefits for all stakeholders include:

Reduced Freight Cost - DigiTransport allows shippers to reduce freight cost by finding the optimal carrier based on the business rules engine. Shippers can also combine multiple shipments to maximize utilization of the trailer space.

Reduced Empty Miles - DigiTransport provides the ability for carriers to reduce empty miles by matching carriers with available loads in their geographical location. The match will be made using data analytics-based algorithms. Automated and suggested loads will help carriers decrease the underutilized capacity of their vehicles.

Eliminate 3rd party interaction - All stakeholders eliminate 3rd party interactions, which reduces transaction friction and allows for a more seamless shipment process.

Return On Investment - DigiTransport helps lower operational costs and ultimately provide a lower total cost of ownership over other solutions. With the ability to implement DigiTransport quickly, the “time to market” will be greatly reduced.

Improved shipment process - The combination of various modules in DigiTransport like digital payment, automatic track-and-trace, document management, single pricing interactions, algorithmic pricing, digital dispatch/load alerts to drivers, and communication tools help to improve the overall shipment process.

ERP Independent - DigiTransport is easily integrated with any packaged software ERP or “home-grown” custom ERP system. This independence helps maintain consistency of functionality even if the ERP system is enhanced or upgraded.

Digital Payments - Processing transactions safely and securely is one of our top priorities. DigiTransport has a 24/7 payment cycle and carriers/shippers can receive/make payments through major credit cards, banking, or 3rd party digital payment systems. Accountability measures are in place to ensure release of payment only when a delivery is confirmed.

Analytics - DigiTransport automatically generates analytics that shippers can review by key performance metrics such as on-time delivery, driver performance, cost changes per year, and more. Analytics on carrier/driver performance and other information help in the decision making process.

Improved Communication - DigiTransport’s digital interface improves the communication of shippers, carriers, drivers, and customers through the notification delivery system.

Self Service - Carriers can view and update their account, billing & payment, regional, insurance, and services information. Shipper administrators can also manage their customer, carrier, user, and warehouse information. Administrators can prevent/allow users to edit information through global settings.

Agreements - DigiTransport’s platform serves as a secure domain for digital contracts and agreements between shippers and carriers.