“The wealth of knowledge RSI resources bring to our company is immeasurably demonstrated in their understanding of applications, processes, and technical nuances of JDE. We rely on the contractor’s skills to provide more in-depth knowledge of the system based on their expertise. I can't say the same level of expertise has been seen with the non-RSI resources. The RSI resources have repeatedly shared this knowledge by documenting or simply explaining the processes. From my personal experience over the last year, RSI has always graciously entertained my questions with in-depth explanations and examples. It is a huge benefit to have resources of their caliber available on-site daily to all our employees.” Another point that needs to be shared is the dedication and professionalism RSI has for the client. In their eyes, the client is number one and they will do whatever it takes to get the job done. It is because of these high standards we hold RSI above the rest as they time and time again have delivered for the good of our company.”

Director Global Applications

“My sincere thanks to you for your help and support! You have proven to be an asset and I do look forward to working with you and your team. You will all be a real asset and extension to my team…. more importantly, ensure that this implementation is a success! It is a pleasure for me to work in an atmosphere of true consulting…. I would prefer anytime to work with a smaller consulting firm such as yours rather than the big guys. You know how to get things done and done right on time and on budget and have a little more latitude on how you can tailor your implementation approaches.”

Senior Staff Analyst – System Design 

"RSI Consultant was able to access our system last night and the problem has been resolved. We ran the balancing reports and everything ties out correctly. Thanks for the help in such a short response window. It really "Saved the day!" I was pleased with RSI Consultant's work when he came in to help us with the Fat Client issues and package build and he was professional and knowledgeable too."

IT Manager

"I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help on Thursday, November 19. We were having widespread JDE issues on Thursday and our main technical resource was out and unavailable. I reached out to you with the issue and you stuck with it until you recommended action after 6:00 PM last night. The problems were not easily traceable to a specific cause and we greatly benefited from your JDE CNC expertise and years of experience. Again, a special thanks for his assistance."

Director of IT 

“RSI is the one vendor who has consistently delivered resources who have met and exceeded our expectations.”

Manager of Manufacturing & Planning

“RSI contractors have already done an outstanding job of bringing non-RSI contractors up to speed and are invaluable when it comes to solving issues our other contractors are not skilled enough to resolve. In addition to supporting, we are also using RSI contractors to build the skills of our employees. RSI has executed everything with the highest standards and integrity.”

IT Lead

“RSI has virtually done everything that we've asked … the real expertise lies within RSI in that they are extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals; not to mention, their contributions to the company have been significant!”

Director of JDE Center of Excellence

“RSI continues to be an excellent partner with our company in every conceivable way. We rely on them to deliver results because they are the most dependable consulting group we work with. Historically RSI costs less than other consultants because they get the job done right the first time. Virtually everything they do provides value to our employees and our company. RSI’s JDE expertise is unmatched in our experience. I would recommend RSI to any customer, anytime, anywhere.”

Global Director of Finance